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Project Management Resources


eBook - Project Management Essentials: A No-Nonsense Guide to Industry Success


eBook Snippet - A No-Nonsense Guide to Industry Success


eBook - Essential Tools and Techniques for Effective Project Management


Template - Project Management Career Tracker


Template - Stakeholder Management Guide

Client Appreciation

"Yomi has been critical to Crackle's journey so far and it's not goodbye because we will surely work together in future. I am very much in his debt and wish him all the luck!"

- Ross

"It's been really nice working with you, you are a very good leader and have helped me a lot. I wanted to really thank you for all your support and help. I enjoyed working with you and learnt a lot in just 3 months. You are a very good leader." 

- Mamta

"I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on the collection. You are calm, kind and make good decisions with very little time. You are awesome and I am very grateful that you are part of the team!"

- Hayley

"I've certainly enjoyed working with you and l'd definitely be open to doing it again if the opportunity comes up."

- Greg

"Thanks for all your support in getting us to where we are today with BEX - it was critical."

- Claire

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